Roping Post Kit

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Product information

These have been developed with advice from a top course builder to ensure that safety and ease of use are the top priorities.


The main advantages of the Roping Post are:

Very Low Maintenance - The Roping Post is made in UPVC and simply requires soap and water occasionally to maintain a smart appearance. No more painting!

Ease of Setting up - A metal pin is moulded into the base of the roping post for ease of ground penetration. Using the foot plate simply press the post into the ground. No more sledge hammers or split ends! 

Safety - It is vital that if a horse gets into trouble and runs into the rope that it detaches from the post, the smooth plastic allows this to happen. This wouldnt happen if wooden posts were used as the top of the wooden post gets knurled over as the post is hammered into the ground, similarly with metal posts or electric fencing posts. Roping Posts are about half the weight of timber posts. These are available in two lengths, 0.9m and 1.2m. Both have a smooth cap and a rope stop which stops the rope sliding down the post. The base of the Roping Post has a foot plate to aid ground penetration. A storage/carry bag has been designed for safety in movement and storage. This holds 24 Roping Posts sufficient to rope off 250m or more. PLEASE NOTE THAT ROPING POST KITS ARE NOW SUPPLIED IN BAGS!